San Francisco Repetitive Strain Injury Support Group

Run by and for people with RSI

Due to understaffing, we are not currently having regularly scheduled meetings, but are planning to meet on an ad-hoc basis, when we can. However, there is no next meeting planned -- yet. We are also planning on changing websites, and phone numbers.

For more help, see the East Bay RSI support group, or the sorehand email list.

Do your wrists hurt?

arm and hand wearing a wrist brace

Does your hand or arm hurt? Is it painful for you to write or use a computer? Have you been diagnosed with tendinitis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, thoracic outlet syndrome, or any other overuse injury?

If so, please join us at the SF RSI support group, where we offer peer support and a welcoming, accepting, practical, understanding and helpful environment.

map of CPMC hospital locations, with the Davies campus marked

For more information, or any other questions, please call Gil at (415) 644-8744.

BART: transfer to MUNI Metro underground (N Judah) at Civic Center station.
MUNI: take the N Judah line to Duboce Park.
Paid parking on site.
Wheelchair accessible. For other access issues please contact us.

Past events are archived here.

Thanks to Community Health Resource Center for donated labor and resources.

This page is meant to be accessible to as many people as possible. Please tell us if it is not.

this page last updated: 8/27/2010